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Dmitri Wright Weir Farm Daffoldil Series - Go Gently 24x48 Oil on Canvas 2020.jpeg

How to be an Impressionist Painter

Master Class

All-access On-Demand Video Series


In Dmitri’s video lessons, you will discover How to be an Impressionist Painter.


You will be

  • Introduced to the major movements in Impressionism

  • Learn the principles, concepts, methods, and ideas of the science and poetry used by the Impressionists.

  • Shown demonstrations and examples, of how to Draw and Paint like an Impressionist

  • Exercises with practical  guidelines to build skills

  • Guided through step-by-step how-to to build skills

You will come away with the knowledge to create an original a one-of-a-kind expression using your natural talents.  


Dmitri's Master Class Workshop


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By joining Dmitri's community of painters, you will have access to all of Dmitri's teaching videos that will continue to be released throughout the year, in addition to a downloadable Workbook with Charts and Exercises





"I instruct artists in the Impressionists' canon and creative principles to discover their unique voice,  and in the essential methods to flourish and  express with freedom  their visual narrative within their natural creative abilities." Dmitri.

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